Church Service

During the Service on Sunday Morning (commencing 10.30hrs)

We spend the time worshipping Jesus as our Lord & Saviour. A passage is read from the Bible, and this is expounded upon in the sermon. 

Once every month (usually the first Sunday of the month) we have communion together to remember Jesus’s death and resurrection.  If you a Christian, you are welcome to join us in this meal.  If you do not consider yourself to be a Christian, feel free to let this pass you by on to the next person – no offence will be taken.  You need not feel embarrassed.


Where to sit?

We do not have a set seating plan.  You can choose to sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

Is there a dress-code?

No!  Please just be yourself and come dressed in your 'normal' clothes – casual or smart you will be most welcome!


Will I have to join in?

Not at all!

You are free to simply observe or participate as much as feels comfortable for you.


What happens to the children at church?

On most Sunday morning services the children and the youth leave for their activities, usually after the first 60 minutes.

A Sunday School is provided, and children are taught about the Bible.  Children are also taught how they can know and love God by believing in Jesus Christ.  There is a Youth Quest group for discussion and activities for teenagers.  A crèche is provided for younger children. 

What happens after the service?

The morning service usually ends at around 13.00 hrs.  Most people stay for refreshments and chat for a while before heading home.  This would be a great time for you to get to know us – I think will you find we are a friendly church!



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