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BEFORE we can look round .. Easter will be here.  The Christian Festivals have a double edge.  They provide a welcome break from the daily round, they also remind us of the “inner” meaning of life.  For life is more than working to feed and clothes our bodies.

Jesus told a parable which is recorded in Matthew 6, 25-33 & in Luke 12, 22 – 31.  It concerns those who allow the balance of life to be upset by being over-anxious about the routine business of earning a living, having enough to eat, and clothes to wear.  Jesus said: “For life is much more important than food, and the body much more important than clothes … so don’t be all upset, always looking for what you will eat and drink.”  (Luke 12, TEV)

Easter can be a time to give ourselves a break.  To be able to stand back and view the way we have come, and the way we are going.  We cannot opt out of the very speed and pressure which life today makes upon us.  We can, however, deliberately take “time off” to learn from Him who said: “Seek first the kingdom [of God] and all these things shall be yours [as well]”.

We live at a time when more people are asking: “What is life all about?”  Many are not satisfied merely with getting and spending.  There is increasingly a keen desire to discover where true joy, and lasting peace and happiness can be found.  In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus all men can find answers to the questions life is continually throwing at us.

In the breaking forth of the spring flowers and blossom; in the new life of the animals, we see a living parable of the new life which God gives to the earth, the animals, and to man.  From the very coldness and emptiness of winter, spring heralds a new flow of life from the rising sap and the growing seed.#

From the death of Jesus there comes new life, new hope, new promises, a sense of new purpose and fulfilment for all men through His resurrection.

Jesus says, “Come to me, learn of me, follow me” – and here is the basic message of Easter.  Come to see Jesus crucified for us.  See evil, sin and selfishness conquered.  Come to receive the power from His risen life.  Come, share with Jesus the power of His resurrection. 


G.D.P  [Rev Graham D Powell]


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10am. until 8 pm.

Festival of Creation



ON BEHALF of the committee I would like to clarify some points about the Festival.

The two events which will take place are an Arts and Crafts Exhibition in the Cordell Hall and a Flower Festival in the church.

The Exhibition was arranged so that we could share with other people the talents which God has given to us.

The Flower Festival is not just to make the church decorative but has a deeper message to convey, through flowers and music, and various illustrative materials.  It has been planned to show God’s love for us, made known through the Bible, and illustrated with arrangements which symbolised the theme of Re-creation and Resurrection.

There will be a special Children’s Corner to demonstrate how God’s love is shown through Nature, with all the rebirth that comes in the Spring.

We as that you give as much help and support as possible; but, above all, do pray that there will be those who, through this Festival, will come to realise the message of God’s Love.

Make this Spring Festival Weekend as widely known as possible amongst your friends, your neighbours and all with whom you come into contact.





10 am. Until 8 pm.

Help!  Help!

Your help is needed for the general decoration of the church.  Will anyone who can provide any flowers or flowering shrubs, or decorative greenery – or anyone who is willing to help with the decoration of the church on Friday, April 11 – please contact Jean Coppin or Maureen Powell as soon as possible.



All entrants to the Arts & Crafts section will be receiving notification, within the next week, of the date by which their entries are required at the church for judging and display.  If it is not possible to get them to the church on the appropriate day, will you please bring them to No. 57 or No. 59 Castleton Road before that date.

Class 6 (Literature) will need to be with Jean Coppin or Maureen Powell before March 29 at the judge’s request.

Class 7 (Music and Elocution).  You will be notified of the place and date for your performance on the same form as the Arts & Crafts exhibitions.

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