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Someone asked me this the other day.  When I told him, his reply was, “I never knew there was a Church there!”  From a person living some way away this is understandable, for the old building does not look like a Church, and, laying back from the main road, as it does, can easily be missed in passing by.

We thank God that such a question, very soon, should never arise again, for with the new Church the Baptist flag in Goodmayes should be visible to all who pass along Goodmayes Road.

However, we must remind ourselves again that it is not just a building that we people must be conscious of, but of the people that attend it.  If we fulfil the purpose of God (The Church alive unto the neighbourhood) then indeed folk around will, themselves, in days to come thank God for Goodmayes Baptist fellowship.  May we determine in our hearts to work for our Lord, among the immediate neighbourhood, seeking in whatever way we can to be of service to those in need.  In this way, people will come to know that we are alive and that the Spirit of Christ is working in our midst.  “God .. dwelleth not in temples made with hands.”  (Acts 17 v 24)






This is the title of a publication which has recently been circulated throughout the Anglican Churches, and contains some very sobering information, and, incidentally, suggestions and home truths.  One interesting point, and which is worth every reader of “The Beacon” reconsidering, is that contributions to the needs of the Church should be based on the idea of Christian Stewardship.

It is the principle that not one-tenth, but ten-tenths of a man’s life and possessions belong to God.  Nothing is really our own.  All is God’s, the Maker and Giver of all good things.

It is, therefore, a fundamental duty, incumbent on every member of the Church to regard his income as at God’s disposal.  The Christian ought not to give to the Church’s needs reluctantly or haphazardly, but with discipline, after responsible thought, in obedience and love.

The raising of money for the Church is a means, not an end.  The end, now and always, is the winning of souls to the faith of Christ crucified.

How much one gives must always be left to the individual.  It will vary on how much is received and with personal needs.  But how much we can give (?) is another question.  The answer should be, unquestionably, all we can spare – the Lord loves a cheerful giver, and we can be certain of a safe investment!

From what Mr Moulton, our treasurer, had to say to us at the “At Home” meeting on Saturday, 11th April [1959], if we can find 100 folk who would contract to give 1/- [5p] per week for the next few years, almost all the financial embarrassment of our Church would disappear.  (This is, of course, in addition to our present income).

Will you become one of the 100 extra givers?



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