Hire of Church Halls




To hire a church hall ring 07806 828 268

large Cordell Hall (named after Miss Cordell, one of the founder members of Goodmayes Baptist Church in 1914)

- Cost - £35 per hour – this includes use of the church kitchen.

- Approximate measurement 10.7 metres by 16.9 metres (35 feet by 55 feet).

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Cordell Hall



The smaller Fellowship Room can also be hired for £30 per hour.  It can be used as a conference room – the seating can be re-arranged in a ‘lecture’ or ‘cinema’ layout.  Approximate measurement of Fellowship Room – 3.6 metres by 8.5 metres (12 feet by 28 feet).

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smaller Fellowship Room


Please Note the Following:-

  • We would be most grateful if those hiring the hall or fellowship room ensure they leave the place in a clean and tidy condition.
  • The church does need to be a good neighbour to those living close by.  Therefore, we ask that any music played is NOT played in excess of a reasonable volume.  If it can be heard from across the road then it is too loud!
  • Consumption of alcohol on church premises is not permitted.
  • When stacking the plastic chairs in the large Cordell Hall please ensure the chairs are not stacked more than 7 high.  They should be stacking facing the wall.  This will reduce the risk of the chairs toppling over, potentially on top of a child …… (prevention of accidents).
  • Consumption of alcohol on church premises is not permitted.


Please Also Note, Regarding Birthday Parties

We regret we are no longer able to allow the church premises (including both the Cordell Hall and the Fellowship Room) to be hired out for birthday parties for anyone age 10 or above.

Birthday celebrations can now only take place at Goodmayes Baptist Church for a child’s birthday from 1 up to and including 9 years of age.


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