Getting to the church


There is a limited amount of off-street car parking within the grounds of Goodmayes Baptist Church.  On street car parking might also be available, but this may quickly fill up.  There is a council car park south of the railway line at Goodmayes Railway Station, with the entrance off Goodmayes Road.  This is free of charge at weekends.  It is 3 minutes’ walk from the church.

Alternatively, why not consider getting to the church by means other than the car?  This will help reduce your carbon footprint.  It will also save having to find somewhere to park! 



As well as Goodmayes railway station being nearby, the church is well served by a number of bus routes.  For more detailed information on getting to the church by bus or train click-here




BY BICYCLE - Where to leave your bike:

It is suggested for now locking your bike to the noticeboard on the north side of the church - see pictures below.   The noticeboard is an immovable object which should provide reasonably secure locking for bikes.  It is hoped to provide more bicycle stands with secure locking in the future.


Description: C:UsersAndrewPictures2016-08-31IMG_3845.JPG

Bicycle locked to church noticeboard


Description: C:UsersAndrewPictures2017-01-29IMG_4589.JPG

Bicycle frame securely locked to notice board


We would prefer non-folding bicycles not to be left inside the church during a Sunday morning.  This is to ensure that a bicycle does not fall over on top of a child (prevention of accidents).

A folding bike may be left, folded, in a corner of the large Cordell Hall.  We would ask that plastic chairs are put around the folded bike.  This will deter children from climbing on the bike.


Description: E:IMG_3310.JPG

Folded bike in corner of the Cordell Hall


Description: E:IMG_3309.JPG

Chairs in front of Folded Bike


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