Design Principles of this Web-Site


The overall purpose of the web-site for Goodmayes Baptist Church is to set out ‘Who we are, Where we are, and What we believe’.

The following are the design principles behind the web-site for Goodmayes Baptist Church: -


  • Using the Verdana font, at least size 12.  Verdana font has an excellent clarity and is therefore easy to read. The text on the screen can be read with the minimum of eye-strain.  Other good fonts are Trebuchet MS, and Comic Sans.


  • Including a photo of the church on the Home Page.  Put yourself in the position of someone who is visiting the church for the first time.  Recognising the church building as the church building he or she has seen on the web-site reassures that person is heading in the right direction towards the church.


  • Including relevant information on public transport, including the fact that Goodmayes railway station is just a few minutes’ walk away.  Also including information on bus routes, and which automated bus stop announcement on board the bus to listen out for so that they will know where to alight.


  • Including information where a bicycle can be safely and securely stored at the church.  This is helpful for anyone wanting to cycle to the church.


  • Including the Ordnance Survey grid reference number.  It is helpful for someone trying to locate a church on an Ordnance Survey map.  It narrows down an area to 100 metres by 100 metres.  In the case of Goodmayes Baptist Church the Grid Reference number is TQ 464 872


  • Including a link to Google Map.


  • Putting yourself in the position of someone who is NOT a Christian, and wants to find out what Christians do believe.  This is the reason for having a web-page setting out what Christians believe.  Also including a page on helpful Bible verses, and a ‘Coming Home to God’ page.  It would be nice to think that a person wanting to come into a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ could do so by going through this web-site.


  • Adding at the end of each web-page put ‘This page updated ----’.  This helps re-assures the viewer the web-site is being kept up to date, and not left wondering when the web-site was last updated.


What have been avoided: -

  • Using grey lettering on a white background.  This does not give a very good contrast, and is therefore less easy to read.


  • Assuming everyone has a car to drive to church.  It is helpful to have information about the nearest railway stations and bus routes.


  • Assuming everyone has a Sat-Nav and/or a Smart Phone to get to the church.  There should be the full postal address and the Ordnance Survey Grid Reference number on the web-site (see above).


  • Making assumption everyone will know what is meant by terms such as ‘atoning sacrifice’ and ‘justification’.  It is helpful to include a page on the web-site to explain what these terms mean.



Hello Andrew,

You have done a great job. I have just had a quick look, thanks for including the link in your e-mail.

The content is good, I have quickly skimmed through the text on some of pages and I like the way you have directed and informed the visitors to your website. It does have a friendly and inviting feel to it.

You have done well, I have learned something new from the way you have set up your website.


All the best,



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