1953-06-The Beacon



These two months of May & June [1953] bring a number of very important events.  As I write this they are still in the future.  When you read it at least two of them will be over.  Our Women’s Own are looking forward to their Outing; the G.L.B to their Anniversary & Outing.  We hope all these will prove enjoyable and successful.


But the event which stands out most of all in our minds is the Coronation of our young Queen Elizabeth.  No doubt you have all booked your seats in front of someone’s T.V. if you are not fortunate enough to have one of your own.  It must surely be one of the spectacles of a lifetime and one which many of us are unlikely to see again.  Many people will view it purely & simply as a spectacle.  They will not be disappointed, but they will have missed some of the significance of the ceremony and its inner & deeper meaning.  For in it the Queen takes up her reign under the Kingship of God & acknowledges her submission to Him. 


There was a time when our rulers felt they occupied some specially privileged position before God – they believed in the ‘Divine Rights of Kings’.  That belief has now gone and our Sovereigns show a humility in God’s presence which is to be admired.  Their way of life is vastly different from ours, but it is good to know that in it they pay tribute to God, - and do so publicly. 


We rejoice that our Queen should ask for the prayers of her people and so acknowledge her need of God’s help in her difficult task.  We shall not fail her.  We shall pray for her especially on the eve of her Coronation & we shall continue to do so throughout her reign.  May it be a happy one and may she and her husband and family know the friendship of God their Father throughout their lives.







O Lord, our Monarch bless

With strength and righteousness;

Long may she reign!

With wisdom from above;

And in a nation’s love

Her throne maintain.

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